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Misselhorn Art Gallery

Misselhorn Art Gallery

The Misselhorn Art Gallery is located at 611 West Second Street in the old Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Depot in Sparta, Illinois. The gallery features over 2000 original works by the late Roscoe Misselhorn. Misselhorn was a local artist who gained fame through his sketches of Illinois and Missouri historical locations. He was often called the Norman Rockwell of the Midwest. In this site you will find a brief biography of Roscoe, 50 of his historic Illinois sketches, as well as information about the Misselhorn Art Foundation.

Board Members

Established in 1988 to set up and administer the Roscoe Misselhorn Art Scholarship, the Misselhorn Art Foundation evolved into the caretakers of the collected work of artist Roscoe Misselhorn. Members of the foundation board are dedicated to preserving and displaying the work of Roscoe Misselhorn, as well as providing a place for local and visiting artists to display their work.

Board members volunteer their time to open the Gallery every Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 5pm. In addition, they are available to conduct special tours throughout the week. Contact City Hall for information at 618-443-2917 ext.127, or 443-3577.

Current Board members are:

Terry Waldron: Chairman
Georgeann Henderson: Vice- Chairman
Kay Bivens: Secretary
Gary Stephens, City Councilman
Teresa Belsky
Richard Cavalier
Arlene Green
Dr. Morris Kugler
Dot Stephenson


Established in 1988, the Roscoe Misselhorn Art Scholarship is offered annually to a graduating senior from the Sparta area who plans a career in the visual arts. Initially a $500 award, plans are in place to increase to a full ride scholarship to a local junior college in the next year or so. There have been nine scholarship winners in the past ten years:

1988- Rhonda Hennrich
1990- Robert Jeffers
1991- Joe Edmonson
1992- Carrie McIntyre
1993- Carla Edmonson
1994- Gabe Drueke
1995- Kelly Schenk
1997- Nathaniel Ward
1999- Jenny Dorf

Donations to the Scholarship Fund are always welcome !